About Our Products

CABONOCH is a fair-trade certified cooperative that stands for Cafeticultores de los Bosques del Norte de Chiapas. Located in the Altos de Chiapas region of Mexico, this cooperative represents smallholder producers in the surrounding areas that are harvesting ripe cherries, processing them washed on their own organic-certified farms, and delivering their coffee in parchment form to the warehouse for purchase and approval. 

This organic coffee is a blend of coffees from multiple contributing certified-organic producers located in the Tolima region. The coffees that make up this blend are of EP quality - or “European preparation,” - which means that the coffee is screen-size 15 and above, with a maximum of 8 defects within 300 grams. Organic coffees are somewhat difficult to source in certain regions of Colombia, but we are glad to have partners throughout Colombia who farm using organic practices and have achieved their certification.  

Here is a simplified list of the major standards and tenets of organic certification for agricultural crops:
  • Certified land must prove the absence of all prohibited substances for a minimum of three years before achieving certification. 
  • Certificate holders sell at least $5,000 worth of organic products annually; farms/businesses grossing less than $5,000 are not required to achieve certification but also cannot use the official seal in marketing.
  • The soil must be managed using natural practices such as crop rotation and the use of cover crops.
  • GMOs prohibited, organic seeds preferred.
  • Biological controls are used for the treatment and prevention of disease, pests, fungus, weeds; alternately, approved synthetic substances may be used.
  • Acceptance of and compliance with regular audits are required.